When handling incoming calls from customers with questions, concerns, or complaints, a speedy and satisfactory response is critical for customer retention. According to a report from New Voice Media, companies lose $62 billion annually due to poor customer service. Fortunately, you can always outsource inbound call center outsourcing services to an efficient, reliable, cost-effective provider like Executive Boutique. We partner with companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries to help them maximize the effectiveness of their inbound calling services, which is a key ROI strategy for any business.


We have years of experience in inbound call center servicing, serving multiple industries, including banking, retail, dining, real estate, travel, and more. We handle inquiries in the areas of:

  • Billing
  • Subscription renewal/canceling
  • Event scheduling
  • Appointment setup
  • Product information
  • Up-selling and cross-selling
  • Order refunds and returns processing
  • Warranty registration
  • Real-time inventory status check
  • Registration and reservations for events
  • And much more!


With Worker Bees BPO, your valued customers get the speedy assistance they need from courteous professionals with relevant expertise. All of our staff undergo extensive training to ensure they have the knowledge and linguistic ability to handle a range of inquiries and consumer sentiments. They are trained to maintain a professional attitude even when dealing with contentious customers.

We are all about transparency, and we make certain our clients understand how our operation functions and how we work on a daily basis to bring added value to your business.

Worker Bees BPO Inbound Call Center Services

  • 500 Answering Services
  • Reservation Booking Services
  • Claims Processing Services
  • Product information services
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Services
  • Inquiry Handling Services
  • Product Recall Management Services
  • Omnichannel Contact Center Services
  • Sales Closure Services
  • Order Entry Services
  • Event Scheduling Services
  • Payment Collection Services
  • Real-Time Inventory Status Services
  • insurance Claims Processing Services
  • Warranty Registration Services
  • Registration of event and trade show participants and prospects services
  • Job Dispatch Services
  • Ticketing Sales Subscription Services
  • Charge Back Handling Services
  • Directory Enquiry Services
  • Scheduling Sales Demos Services
  • Subscription Services
  • After-hours Call Center Services
  • Rebate Processing Services
  • Medical Answering Services
  • Virtual Receptionist Services
  • Billing Queries Services
  • Order Taking Services
  • Up-selling and Cross-selling Services
  • Phone Answering Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Contact Center Services

The immediate benefit is the money you save in overhead spending. This is especially the case with Executive Boutique, which operates from the Philippines and serves companies across the globe. Most of our clients include outfits in the U.S., UK, Canada, and others. inbound call center Outsourcing to us is far cheaper than outsourcing to a similar outbound/inbound calling center in a Western country, and much more cost-effective than hiring your own in-house team. When you hire your own staff, you have to deal with additional costs, such as training, paid leave, and turnovers. These are all non-issues with outsourcing; we also offer pay-as-you-go options, including month-to-month agreements, so you can scale up or down anytime.

Why Outsource Inbound Call Center Services to All star BPO

  1. Expert Call Center Professionals:
    We have qualified call center professionals who have extensive and relevant expertise in inbound call handling, answering service calls & ensuring customer satisfaction.
  2. Competent training programs:
    We provide efficient and relevant training programs to give our inbound call center employees a cutting edge, both in terms of linguistic ability to handle calls and process knowledge.
  3. Transparency:
    Our inbound call center infrastructure and company policies offer complete transparency in operations.
  4. Extensive experience:
    We have vast experience in supporting over 300 global partners in planning, designing and implementing call center networks.
  5. 100% voice recording:
    Our 100% voice recording ability enables us to view voice envelopes of customers and agents separately and find exceptions by analyzing data that is tagged with calls.

Inbound Call Center Services in Pakistan

Our contact centre agents at Pakistan are highly talented, well trained, and can successfully handle lingual call requirements of clients from different cultures and regions We provide a variety of highly efficient inbound call centre services including virtual receptionist services, IVR services and 500 answering services etc